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  • - Top rated Upwork agency with more than 2000 hours tracked
  • - Domain expertise only in Unity 3D
  • - Retention rate: 97%
  • - Your quality is our priority


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Xylophone Xylophone Xylophone Xylophone Xylophone Xylophone Xylophone Xylophone


A game for children, based on the xylophone musical instrument. It can teach a child to play a xylophone, learn the notes of popular children's songs. With the play mode, a user can easily start playing the song and play with xylophone keys, where each key has its own color, and the musical notation is like a palette. The main difference from the rest of the games from Play Market is a quick response when the user presses the keys, so that the user could feel the similarity with a real xylophone. Description for the site: Play your first tune!

Airconsole Airconsole Airconsole Airconsole


Airconsole is a cloud service that allows the user to use the phone or tablet as a game controller. Gather the friends (up to 5), launch the Airconsole application on the device, connect to the server and enjoy the game. Witty questions appear on the screen, and on the devices the users will see also 4 possible answers, these can be pictures and gifs with popular memes. However, only the judge can choose the winner. There are more than 500 answers and more than 200 questions. Content is constantly expanding, as the database is located on a separate server. Description for the site: Find out which of your friends is the wittiest!

Maze Maze Maze Maze


A simple game with a level generation algorithm, where each new level provides a bigger and more complicated maze. Description for the site: Play small games with great pleasure

julien julien julien julien

Boom Space

Gradually complicating clicker. There is the possibility of customization of weapons and bullets. Added additional services (advertising, the ability to invite a friend through a social network or messenger). Description for the site: Game for raising the skills of reaction and speed

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Whimsy Software did a great job to help prototype a game app idea. I will use them in the future and have recommended them to all my friends. Without a doubt. .. Just hire them and you’ll agree with everything mentioned above!


Great Team! They have a super contractor. Very professional with great communication. The management skills are astounding, and always went above and beyond the task, always encouraging and pushing the team to work hard and stick to deadlines.. The team has high quality of work and good skills. We would work with them in the future. Thanks!


Extraordinary professionals! It has been an honor to work with them. All my ideas were implemented with great attention to every detail. For me, one of her most important skill sets is their ability to self manage and keep our projects moving forward no matter my availability or the lack thereof. Will definitely come back soon!


Easy to work with, very professional! Thank you! They put their heart and soul into their work. They give you everything they've got when they get into a project. I am humbled to have worked with some-one of such high integrity and so committed to our mutual success. A truly great team


The team is great on what it is doing. This is our 3 time hiring Whimsy Software and they are amazing at their work. The team was easy to work & communicate with. They brought some good ideas to the project. Strongly suggested. Next job is already on its way

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